The National Institute of Company and Business Administrators with acronym NICBA is a professional body for company and business administrators, with a focused on entrepreneurs and and employees both in the private and public enterprises of the Nigeria Economy. NICBA was established in 1997, approved and registered by the Federal Government of Nigeria.


– To promote and encourage the development of wholesome administrative practice in all spheres of business and administration.

– To provide facilities for continuing education through the Institutes network programmes of conferences, consultancy, seminars, Exhibitions, Trainings, workshops, printry, interactions, e.t.c. to accelerate the campaigns for business honesty and global administration best practices.

– Encourage Joint stock investments and agreements in research and development of new Inventions and modern technology.

– Organize training programmes leading to the award of professional certificates and diplomas to business persons who would not have time to pursue full time educational programmes.

– Issue meritorious awards and prizes to deserving distinguished business persons or administrators of organized private sectors, including public enterprises

– To popularize essential government policies as they affects members In general

– To evolve an improved trading skills and related business relationships etc.


The NICBA maintains very high standards in pursuing its main objectives as independent non-political. Non-religious. It extends borders of co-operation with other national professional bodies and some governmental agencies, as well as some tertiary institutions, including international links with overseas professional organizations.

The policies of the national institute is formulated by National Board of Council (N.B.C.) and standing committees. The institute provides opportunities to re-orientate members and the Nigerian society to embrace honest and trust in their day to day business dealings as well as in their working lives. The national institute arranges its educational-training programmes such that business women/men-administrators and company administrators would not stay away so long from their business locations. Some trainings can be accessed online.