National Institute of Company and Business Administrators (NICBA) is a learning, research and development focused organization committed to equipping her members with essential skills sets in the field of administration through her well organized world class training programs.

Leveraging on our high impact research and development strategy, the training programs of the institute have been designed with the background of current marketplace realities, thereby making our content up to date and relevant to the practice of company and business administration.


Today, the marketplace is one of the most dynamic and volatile arena to be in. Guided by this belief, the institute has adopted a world class research and development strategy, which helps us to feel the pulse of the marketplace and its players (especially in the area of administration or related fields), in a bid to improve the currency and value of our training programs.


National Institute of Company and Business Administrators (NICBA) has been positioned to be an exemplary role model for organizing high powered events to share the exclusive and excellent experience of our fellowship and its impact on the society. Our series of events will include annual lecture series, Award Dinner/Gala Night and conferences etc.


Our knowledge of the high level of competition and bureaucracy in today marketplace especially in harnessing opportunities from Government practically makes it imperative that we offer support to our members – individual or corporate. In this area, we will support members with the knowledge, tools and experience to harness opportunities from government and private sector, as a facilitator ensuring that our members fully maximize their potentials on and off the field of administration.


Clarity in administration is a key component and a source of leverage for practitioners. To be successful in the field of administration, it is expected that one is on top of the current situation, abreast of the outcomes and processes to be employed and be able to leverage the power of research and development.

As an institute that is committed to promoting excellence in the practice of administration, our members can benefit maximally from our world class advisory services which is largely developed from our rich culture of research and development.


National Institute of Company and Business Administrators (NICBA) is a platform builder focused on fostering interaction and collaboration of government, professional associations.