In the golden words of Nelson Mandela of blessed memory, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, we stand inspired to say that with the innovative style of delivering the learning experience of world class administration as an essential requirement for the existence of any organization, we are equipping our members to become transformers in their workplaces and the economy.


To become a world class builder of competent administrators, leveraging on best global practices to equip them, so they can help their companies/businesses grow faster and in a sustainable manner, thereby contributing to the growth of the Nation economy.

Key Elements of the vision:

World class builder of Administrative competence

Equipping members with tools and ideas founded on best global practices in the field of Administration

Facilitate and recognize their contribution to their companies and businesses

Encourage patriotism


To promote skillful and quality training, learning and development platform for intending or practicing administrators as employers or business owners.

Encourage the pursuit and utilization of practical, well researched knowledge body on administration

Nurture and promote the culture of recognition and award for excellence as a medium to foster the practice of company and business administration.

Promote quality and cost effective access to essential resources meant to enhance the learning and practice of administration within companies and businesses.

Facilitate programs that target the enhancement of company/business processes and results leveraging on core administration principles that are easy to learn and best global practice