There are four categories of membership grades open to everyone in any professional field of business or occupation, e.g. engineers, accountants, trade-merchants, lawyers, armed forces-members, business-persons, seasoned-contractors, corporate organizations firms, education institutions etc.

The grading of members are based on administrative experience, educational standing or vocational skills, courses and examinations attained as well as age. While

university and professional education are the major grading points, lower qualifications with long standing experience in administrative work nature either in a well established organisations or self employed business entity with ability to properly organise or administratively shape his business to success is given recognition, especially now self reliance play a major survival factor in the Nigerian economy.


The fellowship grade which is the highest category of membership awarded to persons who have attained eminent achievements in the practice of administration and management principles or by outstanding contributions to the national development in this sphere. Fellows are not elected through individual applications, however, Board of fellows consider nominations by the national council of qualified members, and members who although possess no formal academic/professional qualifications but engaged in full time business with many years of experience and achievements in business administration may be considered. Members in this grade are entitled to use this designatory letters after their names. FCBA.


This is second highest membership grade awarded to persons who must satisfy the council by meeting the requirements set below e.g.

(a) Must not be less than 25 years of age

(b) Must be in senior management position as a head of department, Manager, Director of sizeable establishments, senior supervisors of multinational corporations.

(c) Professional men and women in private practice with upward of 5 years post qualification experience.

(d) Trade merchants who have specialized administrative ability in the course of managing their businesses.

* Must meet the minimum office structure specifications befitting an administrator of calibre in the opinion of the visiting inspection/appraisal team. Successful applicants would use the designatory letters MCBA.

* Must be doing this for 15 years and above.


This grade of membership is the third in the hierarchy of the National Institute. An applicant must be at least 22 years of age. He must in addition satisfy the following conditions:-

Three years post degree/HND professional education in a continuous employment or engaged in full time business practice.

(b) Six years post OND, NCE, and over ten years post WASC experience engaged in the work of administration or as manager.

(c) Those with lower qualifications than WASC but managing reasonable businesses and meeting above minimum administrative requirements In the opinion of the team of inspectors (under “C” such applicant would have satisfied the membership committee of his effort to improve by taking up the administrative course programme of the National Institute) (members In this category can described themselves signatory letter – A.C.B.A.


Applicants admitted into this category are persons who must     be 18 years of age and posses a minimum administrative experience thus and is following a course of study which will        lead to a recognized professional qualifications, of NICBA


The national council has also categorized the corporate bodies into four groups. Corporate Citizen members have the same privileges as individual members and could through the universal network  programmes translate their roles, and making their impact felt as component part of the society. On meeting the highest standard requirements as given below and in the corporate application forms would be admitted forth with.

(a) Corporate Citizen Fellow: This grade is the highest to be accorded to any mega corporate organisations with a turnover of 50 Billion Naira and above.

(b) Corporate Citizen Member: This is the second highest in this corporate scenario and is granted to large companies with turnover of between 1 Billion to 50 Billion Naira.

(c) Corporate Citizen Associates admitted into this group are medium size companies or firms with turnover of 100 Million to 1 Billion Naira.

(d) Corporate Citizen Affiliate: This category of corporate membership are made to small companies with turnover below 100 Million Naira and below.

(e) However, the council uses varied number of criteria for the assessments in addition to capital resource base.